Hello hello hello!

I spy with my little eye a thread on 4Chan that included a link to this comm because a lolita in Höfn was looking for more Icelandic lolitas. I thought it best to drop a note here to state that although this comm has been dead for a good while we're all still here. Watching... waiting... :D We're very few as it is, so let's try to spread the word a little; there are lolitas in Iceland and we're mostly harmless, we'd love to hang out with more lolitas and we have tea and cakes.

Welcome to any and all new lolitas, Icelandic as well as traveling ones that happen this way! 

Welcome Post


So, this is a community for lolitas who are planning to visit or live in Iceland :) Right now it's very few of us, I think something about 5 ^^ But I hope that with time lolita would gain more popularity around here, so we could have more meetups and fun stuff like that!  :)
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